JEM REO believes performance, a high level of support, and overall satisfaction are the most important elements that bring customers to our company. We are a full service nationwide asset manager. Should you require full REO management and services, or just need us to facilitate part of the REO process, we are prepared to work with you!

JEM R.E.O. Services

Prior to listing, JEM REO minimizes the time associated with marketing a property. JEM REO increases sales efficiency, reduces turnaround time in property sales, and reduces your expense.

Broker Certification
All brokers are subject to JEM REO guidelines and a 90-day evaluation. As a client you enjoy stress free transactions as we partner with the highest qualified brokers across the nation.

JEM REO can handle the agent listing agreement, vendor repair bids, monthly status report review, and offer negotiation on your behalf.

Buyer Pre-Qualification
We supply “buyer motivation” and “purchaser qualifications.” This reduces the number of back-on-the-market properties.

Closing Support
JEM REO acts as a facilitator and intermediary throughout the closing process, working directly with the client, escrow company, and closing attorney. We also monitor the buyer’s loan progress, follow up on inspections, and handle all of the closing documentation.


Maintain Attorney Contacts
Maintaining contact with Attorneys speeds up the eviction process. This can save time and expense, and expedites closings.

Daily Client Support
Staff is available to assist you whenever required (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. CST), giving you greater access and quick responses. JEM REO has a one –hour target turnaround time for client calls.

Property Reporting
We provide monthly individual property status reports with geographic marketing statistics. Reports are available online 24/7.

Flexible Compensation Structure
JEM REO is willing to provide a flexible compensation structure.

Low Cost
At JEM REO, the client comes first. We want to market and sell your property, keep the process simple, and save money for you. That is why JEM REO only charges you 1% of the property sales price at closing, with no hidden costs. We also work with our clients to establish a minimum and maximum fee. We price to be cost effective and to obtain the best return for you.